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The Countryside Arena

Proposed Countryside Arena Attractions 2014<
Bob Hogg Sheepdogs Display
Gamegoer Gundogs
Falconry Display
Lamb National
Mules R Us



Mules R Us

Mules R Us are dedicated in promoting the Mule in the UK. By attending different public shows and events demonstrating the versatility of the Mule whether in pack saddle, ridden or harness, we demonstrate this in public displays and normally have the Mules on view all day so people can look, touch and ask questions.

Bob Hogg Sheepdog Display

Bob Hogg Display sheepdog displayBob travels throughout the country with his team of working sheepdogs and has earned himself an excellent reputation for his professional and highly entertaining displays, in which dogs work sheep, geese and ducks.

The display is informative for both young and old, as Bob shares his unique training methods and great fun for the children as they are invited into the arena whilst the dogs work around an obstacle course, down a slide and into a pool.

Gamegoer Country Displays / Gundogs

gun-dogsThis display will cover every facet of a working dog’s training, incorporating general pet obedience and problems. Working breeds include: Spaniels, Retrievers, Pointers and Setters. Canvas dummies will be used to illustrate the highly sophisticated scenting abilities of these endearing dogs and props will be included to encourage a fast moving and captivating display.

Audience participation in the ring is encouraged and, whenever possible, puppies will be included in the team.

The Lamb National Sheep Race

sheep-nationalThis event really is one for all the family as you watch the stars of track and field: the hardy Herdwick sheep are sheep shape and are a breed known for their agility as they originate from the challenging terrain of the Lake District in Cumbria, and need to be able to jump to negotiate natural hazards. Audience love to watch the sheep, in their individual colours, jumping over fences to complete the race. Amusing commentary from the initial parade where we introduce the runners & riders with names such as "Red Ram" and "No Ewe Turns" and throughout the race describing each sheep’s attempt to bleat the competition.