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The Main Ring

Proposed Attractions for The Main Ring 2014
8.30am – 6pm
Amateur Lightweight Ridden Hunters
Amateur Middleweight Ridden Hunters
Amateur Heavyweight Ridden Hunters
followed by Championship
Scurry Driving – Small Ponies
Kangaroo Kids – Quad Bike Stunt Team
Scurry Driving – Large Ponies
Display of Classic Cars
Band – TBA
President’s Presentations
Oxfordshire Area Show Jumping Trial
Parade of Hounds & Beagles
Cattle Parade and Presentations
Kangaroo Kids – Quad Bike Stunt Team
Agricultural Display
Show Jumping Competition
Final of Scurry Driving
followed by Championship
Band – TBA
Show Closes

MR Showjumping
Parade of Hounds
Classic Cars

Scurry Racing

Scurry racing is one of the world’s most exciting, action-packed equestrian sports. Crowds gasp and cheer as a pairs of ponies pulling stripped-down carriages weave their way through a series of obstacles at break-neck speed. As the drivers urge their ponies on to notch up the fastest time, their grooms battle to keep the carriages from overturning.

The Kangaroo Kid

kangaroo-kid-2World record holder Matt Coulter (The Kangaroo Kid) has been riding motorbikes since the age of 3. In 1987 he competed in and won the Australian Quad bike championships. He went on to become the Italian and UK champions before starting his career in the UK as a stunt entertainer.
The Kangaroo Kid’s showmanship captures the crowd and keeps them captivated for the duration of his performance. Using a microphone in his helmet that is linked to the shows main P A system, the Kangaroo Kid keeps the crowd informed with a witty commentary, while displaying incredible skill and agility manoeuvring his selection of quad bikes and motorcycles around the arena.

His act includes stunts on his Harley Davidson Buell and a fun stunt using his quad-bike specially fitted with a roll cage. The Kangaroo Kid gets the crowd involved by taking four willing participants for a wheelie, before finishing his act with a jump over anything that is put in his path, be it cars, trucks or tractors, he has even jumped a flying aeroplane.

Australian born Matt is a great entertainer and a very skilled motorcyclist. Fans saw him last year break his own world record by jumping 14 four-wheel drive vehicles. He also set a New World record by jumping 4 moving vehicles. His many T.V. appearances include ‘You Bet’, ‘Great Escapes’, ‘The Big Breakfast’, ‘Don’t Try This At Home’ and ‘Guinness World Records’.