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The Main Ring

Proposed Attractions for The Main Ring 2015
9am – 6pm
Young Horse Showjumping
Scurry Driving – Small Ponies
Ridden Hunter Championship
Display of Classic Cars
Devils Horseman Chariot Racing
Scurry Driving – Large Ponies
Side Saddle Costume Concours
d’Elegance Championship
President’s Presentations
Oxfordshire Area Show Jumping Trial
Parade of Hounds & Beagles
Cattle Parade and Presentations
Agricultural Display
Devils Horesmen Stunt Riding
Heavy Horse 2 Wheel Cart Driven Championship
A4 Show Jumping Competition
Final of Scurry Driving
followed by Championship
Lone Piper
Show Closes

MR Showjumping
Parade of Hounds
Classic Cars

Scurry Racing

Scurry racing is one of the world’s most exciting, action-packed equestrian sports. Crowds gasp and cheer as a pairs of ponies pulling stripped-down carriages weave their way through a series of obstacles at break-neck speed. As the drivers urge their ponies on to notch up the fastest time, their grooms battle to keep the carriages from overturning.

The Devils Horsemen – Chariot Racing

thame1Probably the fastest most thrilling display of horsemanship you will ever see. Gerard’s fully choreographed chariot races, using 2 and 4 horse teams, have been playing to crowds all over Europe for years. The Charioteers and horses especially are trained to display a no-holds barred philosophy, hard-bitten performers, guaranteed to satisfy the blood lust of even the most demanding Roman Emperor.

Our Chariot races are as real as those held in the Coliseum 2000 years ago and just as dangerous, “only our best horseman take part”. It is not uncommon for our chariots to lose wheels and charioteers as they cut each other up on the bends. The horse teams take a lot of controlling as they achieve speeds in excess of 30 m.p.h

The Devils Horsemen – Cossack Trick Riding

thame2“The Devils Horsemen” and the origin of our famous troupe’s name. The Cossacks originated on the great Russian Steppe, successors and descendants of the Golden Horde and Genghis Khan who staged the only successful Winter invasion of Russia in history.

The horsemanship of the Mongol Cavalry was the most effective in Military history. Now in peace time these battle techniques have been transformed into acrobatic on horseback. Our riders need more than just physical fitness, gymnastic ability and a taste of danger, they have to have a willing accomplice in the form of a horse who enjoys tearing along at full gallop, while it’s rider is hanging at impossible angles from it’s back, or vaulting, or even standing on the saddle!